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Ágnes Szomor

Creativity has always been a way of life for me. I made clothes for the kids, I knitted and also did crocheting. I have always loved being among nice objects that I make myself. I started quilting in 1996, and for many years I made traditional pieces. I entered many Hungarian and international contests. I had several solo exhibitions. Then I started dyeing my own fabric, which always gives me unforeseen surprises and makes me want to experiment. I began to find my own way, and develop a new perspective at around 2000. I participated in workshops by renown quilt artists, and learnt new materials and techniques.  I am trying to incorporate all this knowledge into my works in ways that fit my style.

I like nature and the environment. I love travelling and taking photos. Certain feelings and moods keep on living in me for a long time. I am trying to represent these remarkable and memorable moments, and it gives me much pleasure if I can see what I want. Creation is just like life condensed: beautiful though painful at times.

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Ágnes Szomor

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