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Gyöngyi Csáki

In the first half of my life I worked as a horticulturist, teaching about herbs, and making my students love them. In 1989 I found out about quilting, and started to learn and experiment with a variety of techniques. Later I met art quilting, which lets my love of experimenting soar. My themes are all related to nature, and the patterns are plants and other organic shapes and structures. Recently I am also intrigued by human relationships (Locked in the city) and other abstract concepts (Time), as well as writing, which I have been doing all my life. Now letters have appeared on my newest works.

I have had several exhibitions, and always wanted to make new works for each exhibition. I also like working in creative teams because it inspires and prompts me to go ahead. These days my life is essentially about quiltmaking.

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Gyöngyi Csáki

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