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Gyöngyi Váradi

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Gyöngyi Váradi

Since childhood I love working with textiles: fibres, yarns and fabrics. I knitted, knotted, weaved and sewed my pictures, while I was enthusiastic about nature, particularly plants. I graduated as an agrarian engineer, and today I work in public administration. My love for textiles was re-born when I was forty, and the love is still burning.


Due to my original professional interest, I am often inspired by shapes, phenomena and relationships in nature. In one period I was particularly attracted to signs and symbols of ancient peoples.


Recently I keep thinking about time passing. Time in the everyday sense of the word, time that progresses from minute to minute, and serves a framework for every action. Tiny fabric scraps and cut thread tails are testimony to the time devoted to sewing and snatched away from work. Layers of cutting remnants stored in jars are memory of particular quilts that I made. Their sequence acts like a diary to the story of my quilts. These days I am trying to represent time passed but not lost, using up my scrap fabric and thread collections.

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