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Rozál Winter

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Rozál Winter

I studied to be a textile chemist. I saw dyeing, patterning fabric, and altering its surface as a challenge that filled me with a lot of pleasure and a great sense of achievement. A few decades later as a college lecturer I began to use colours as a tool of communication. This new approach to colours and shapes has changed my personal life as well: I rediscovered the joys and the sorrows of careless, playful creation. This was the time when I began to practise crafts, specifically silk painting, which seemed the most interesting.

I first met quilt artists as a trustee of the Budapest Textile Museum, and was deeply impressed as they combined colours and shapes with the characteristics of textiles. Then I joined the group, and the joint efforts at creation have made my world even more complete. 2012 brought a sea change in my life: after brushes I began to use needles and threads.

Recently I have improved in dyeing and patterning materials for quilts (silk, paper, cotton laces), and designing surfaces that support the planned visual presentation.

My works are my thoughts and feelings in textile mosaics about existence, inclusion and release, and the ever-changing relationships of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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