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Zsuzsa Pintér

Born in Sopron, I studied to be a teacher. As long as I remember, fascination with textiles has always been with me. Seeing the first art quilts about 20 years ago was a turning point in my life. I felt I found the medium that I can use to best express my thoughts, feelings and views about the world. Soon I found the most suitable tool: hand-dyed fabric. The sheer idea of dyeing and patterning fabric makes me enthralled: it is fascinating to see how specific shpaes, or perhaps accidental patches and fragments are emerging as I work. Then comes the best part of the game: putting the quilt together. The lifeless pile of fabric in front of me puts on a new content. It gets filled with dynamic meanings, and a kind of mysticism, an intangible glimmer begins to be felt. Sometimes my childhood looms up: a golden era, the period of careless joy. At other times I feel the atmosphere of ancient shapes, unknown, long-lost periods. Sometimes strange relationships are created between cultures far apart from each other.

Whatever the reality is, I would like to present a part of the pleasure that art quilting gives me.

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Zsuzsa Pintér

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